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Stefano Mazzoleni

Professor of Applied Ecology and Modelling at the University of Naples “Federico II”

1983 – Laurea in Agricultural Science. University of Napoli “Federico II”
1985 – Master in Forestry. Michigan State University (M.S.U.), East Lansing, USA
1992 – PhD in Plant Ecology. Institute of Terrestrial Ecology and University of Aberdeen, UK

Research interests
Fire ecology, Modelling of individual plants and community dynamics, Litter decomposition and soil organic matter dynamics, Plant-soil interactions and effects of disturbance, Software tools for ecological modelling, System dynamic modelling

2011-present Director of the Museum Center “Musei delle Scienze Agrarie – MUSA”, University of Napoli “Federico II”
2008-2011 Head of “Forestry and Environmental Sciences” studies – Faculty of Agriculture, University of Napoli “Federico II”
2010-2011 Director of Dept. of “Arboriculture, Botany and Plant Pathology”
1998-2000 Coordinator of Doctoral degree in “Arboriculture”
1998-present Full professor of Applied and Environmental Botany, University of Napoli “Federico II”
1995-1998 Associate professor of Plant Ecology, University of Napoli “Federico II”
1992-1995 Associate professor of Applied and Sistematic Botany, University of  Molise
1988-1992 Curator of Botanic Garden, Orto Botanico di Portici, Faculty of Agriculture, University of Napoli "Federico II"
1987-1988 Lecturer in Systematic and Applied Botany, University of Molise
1986-1987 Lecturer in Systematic Botany, University of Basilicata
1984-1985 Research assistant at Forestry Dept., Michigan State University, USA

Grants and awards
1986-1988 British council scholarships for studies at Institute of Terrestrial Ecology, Banchory Research Station, UK
1986 Centro Ricerche Agro Industriali (CRAI-SME) grant for applied statistical study
1985 Institute of International Education, grant to visit the Coweeta Hydrologic Laboratory, NC, USA
1984 Fulbright studentship for study period in USA

Other committees
2007-present Member of the advisory board of Community Ecology
2005-2009 Member of the Regional Project Centre PHOENIX (2005-2009) created by the European Forest Institute (EFI)
2002-2005 Component of the Concerted Action  “AVEC – Integrated Assessment of Vulnerable Ecosystems under Global Change”. European Commission – 5th FP Energy, Environment and Sustainable Development
1999 Consultant for the European Concerted Action “Delfi – Definition and creation of a common knowledge base for forest fires”. Environment and Climate Programme ENV4-CT98-0735
1996-1999 Member of the Steering Committee of the Concerted Action "Degradation and desertification in Europe of DG XII of the European Union
1992-1999 Coordinator of the “Gruppo per l’Ecologia” of Società Botanica Italiana
1993-1994 Scientific responsible for Molise Region and Ministry of Environment for the BIOITALY-HABITAT project – UE D.G. XI
1989-1992 Secretary of the “Gruppo per l’Ecologia” of Società Botanica Italiana

International research projects

Project coordinator
ModMED I and II – “Modelling Vegetation Dynamics and Degradation in Mediterranean Ecosystems”, participant institutions: Universities of Napoli, Edinburg, Athens, Lisboa, Valencia, Trier, Pisa and Campobasso - EU DG XII EV5V CT94-0489/0139: 631.593 €.
ModMED III- “Modelling Mediterranean Ecosystems Dynamics", participant institutions: Universities of Napoli, Edinburg, Athens, Lisbon, Valencia, Trier, Pisa, Campobasso, Budapest – EU DG XII ENV4CT97-0680: 727.000€.

Unit coordinator
LUCIFER – “Land Use Interaction with Fire in Mediterranean Landscapes", coordination Toledo University, Spain - EU DG XII ENV4 CT96 0320: 90.000 €.
ERMES II – “Soil Erosion in Mediterranean Ecosystems", coordination Cranfield University, GB - EU DG XII ENV4CT95 0181: 40.000 €.
MODULUS – “Integrated modelling environment", coordination RIKS Mastricht, Netherland – EU DG XII ENV4CT97-0685: 45.000 €.
FIRE PARADOX – “An innovative approach of Integrated Wildland Fire Management regulating the wildfire problem by the wise use of fire: solving the FIRE PARADOX”, coordination University of Lisbon, Portugal – EU DG XII FP6 018505: 434.000 €.
MESCOSAGR – “Metodi Sostenibili per il sequestro del carbonio organico nei suoli agrari. Valutazione degli effetti sulla qualità chimica, fisica, biologica ed agronomica dei suoli”, coordination University of Napoli Federico II - Fondo Integrativo Speciale per la Ricerca (FISR) MIUR: 137.700 €.
PARADISOS - “Paradise Regained: New Life for Old Gardens”, coordination University of Manchester - EU DG X Raphael programme

Main national research projects

Project coordinator
“Effects of species diversity on litter production and decomposition in Mediterranean maquis: modelling analysis” – Progetti Ricerca Interesse Nazionale (PRIN) MIUR 2005: 212,762 €.
“Modelling of C and N fluxes in mediterranean vegetation: effects of the spatial variability of vegetation cover” – Progetti Ricerca Interesse Nazionale (PRIN) MIUR 2003: 231,300 €.
Scientific support to the Forest Service of Campania Region on fire fighting organization and forestry planning: 150.000 €.
Responsible of fire fighting plans of the National Park of Cilento and Vallo di Diano 2003-2009: annual budgets 50.000-70.000 €.
Coordinator for Campania and Molise regions of the national project "Nature 2000”, Ministry of Environment: 50.000 €.

Unit coordinator
“The fire in Mediterranean environment: effects on vegetation and soil” – Progetti Ricerca Interesse Nazionale (PRIN) MIUR 1999: 23.757 €.
Responsible of research unit on “Fire and Vegetation” for the national research project PON PETIT OSA Information technology for environment – Italian Ministry of University – 450,000 €.

Selected list of publications

S. Mazzoleni, G. Bonanomi, F. Giannino, G. Incerti, D. Piermatteo, R. Spaccini and A. Piccolo (2012) New modelling approach to describe and predict carbon sequestration dy-namics in agricultural soils in Carbon Sequestration in Agricultural Soils, Alessandro Piccolo (Ed.) ISBN 978-3-642-23384-5 Springer (in press).

C. Vincenot, F. Giannino, M. Rietkerk, K. Moriya, S. Mazzoleni, (2011) Theoretical considerations on the combined use of System Dynamics and individual-based modeling in ecology, Ecological Modelling, Volume 222, Issue 1, 10, pp. 210-218.

G. Bonanomi, G. Incerti, E. Barile, M. Capodilupo, V. Antignani, A. Mingo, V. Lanzotti, F. Scala, S. Mazzoleni, Phytotoxicity, not nitrogen immobilization, explains plant litter inhibitory effects: evidence from solid-state 13C NMR spectroscopy, New Phytologist (2011) 191: 1018-1030, doi: 10.1111/j.1469-8137.2011.03765.x.

G. Incerti, G. Bonanomi, F. Giannino, F.A. Rutigliano, D. Piermatteo, S. Castaldi, A. De Marco, A. Fierro, A. Fioretto, O. Maggi, S. Papa, A.M. Persiani, E. Feoli, A. Virzo De Santo, S. Mazzoleni, Litter decomposition in Mediterranean ecosystems: Modelling the controlling role of climatic conditions and litter quality, Applied Soil Ecology 49 (2011) 148-157.

G. Bonanomi, A. Mingo, G. Incerti, S. Mazzoleni, M. Allegrezza, Fairy rings caused by a killer fungus foster plant diversity in species-rich grassland, Journal of Vegetation Science, Doi: 10.1111/j.1654-1103.2011.01353.x, 2011.

G. Bonanomi, G. Incerti, S. Mazzoleni, Assessing occurrence, specificity, and mechanisms of plant facilitation in terrestrial ecosystems, Plant Ecol (2011) 212:1777-1790, DOI 10.1007/s11258-011-9948-5.

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