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Francesco Giannino


- PhD University of Naples, December 2002
- Graduation degree (laurea cum laude) in Mathematics, University of Naples Federico II, June 1997

Research interests
Vegetation modelling, C-cycle modelling, Fire modelling, Foraging modelling, Software tools and theoretical aspects, Landscape analysis and DSS

ERMES – Environmental Response of Mediterranean EcoSystems, Commission of the European Communities DG- XII ENV4-CT95-0181 ModMED I - Modelling Mediterranean Ecosystem Dynamics, Commission of the European Union contract EV5V-CT94-0489 ModMED II - Modelling Mediterranean Ecosystem Dynamics, Commission of the European Union contract ENV4-CT95-0139 ModMED III - Modelling Mediterranean Ecosystem Dynamics, Commission of the European Union contract ENV4 CT-97 0680 Lucifer – Land Use Change Interaction with Fire in  Mediterranean Landscapes, Commission of the European Union contract ENV4-CT96-0320 Modulus – A spatial Modelling tool for integrated environmental decision-making, Commission of the European Union contract ENV4-CT97-0685.
Ecoslope - Eco-engineering and Conservation of Slopes for Long-term Protection from Erosion, Landslides and Storms, Commission of the European Union contract contract  QLK5-2001-00289 FISR - MESCOSAGR: “Sustainable methods for organic carbon sequestration in agricultural soils. Evaluation of the effects on the chemical, physical, biological, and agronomical quality of soils.
PRIN 2005 "Effects of species diversity on litter production and decomposition in Mediterranean maquis: modelling analysis".
PRIN 2003 "Modelling analysis of C and N fluxes in mediterranean macchia: influence of spatial variability of vegetation cover".
PON - PETIT-OSA “Piattaforme Evolute di Telecomunicazioni e di Information Technology per l’Offerta di Servizi al settore Ambiente”.
EU Integrated Project Fire PARADOX "An Innovative Approach of Integrated Wildland Fire Management Regulating the Wildfire Problem by the Wise Use of Fire: Solving the Fire Paradox”.
Legge 5 Regione Campania “Modelling software tools: integration of system dynamic and GIS”.
HKKH 2008 -  DGCS “Institutional Consolidation for the Coordinated and Integrated Monitoring of Natural Resources towards Sustainable Development and Environmental Conservation in the Hindu Kush-Karakoram-Himalaya Mountain Complex”.

Selected list of publications

S. Mazzoleni, F. Giannino, Individual Based Community Model (IBCM), contribution to Mazzoleni & Legg (eds) (2001) ModMED: Modelling Mediteterranean Ecosystem Dynamics, Final Report ModMED Projecte, EU-DGXII Enviromental (IV)  Framework, ENV4-CT97-0680, pag. 261-292.
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