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Antonello Migliozzi

Researcher (SSN BIO03) at the Museum Centre of Agricultural Sciences/Department of Agriculture - University of Napoli “Federico II” Napoli (Italy); Lecturer in Applied Ecology (Landscape metrics)
Vice Director of the field activities of the archaeological and environmental mission L.I.F.E. (Living in a Fringe Environment), ERC Co-Grant n° 681673;
Responsible of the lab. of cartography - Section of Applied Ecology;
Curator of “The inventory of historical, artistic and natural heritage of Angerio Filangieri”.
Time machine Ambassador -

PhD University of Naples (Italy) “Federico II”, 27 January 2005: Supervisor Prof. Stefano Mazzoleni
Graduation degree (laurea cum laude + special mention) in Nature Sciences, University of Naples Federico II, 30 May 1995
Research interests
Landscape and rural/urban interface dynamics and planning; Geographical Information System; Historical cartography, Historical landscape, Land-use evolution and changes land use change; Wildfires; Landslides.
2017 - Current Position Researcher (RTD) at University of Napoli Federico II (Italy) - Museum Center of the Agricultural Sciences/Dept. Of Agricultural Sciences
2017 - Current Position Member of the scientific staff and Vice Director Field activities of the Project L.I.F.E. (Living in a Fringe Environment), ERC CoGrant 681673 – Kharga Oasis (Egypt) Umm al-Dabadib Late Roman Site
2013-2016: Member and Vice director of the Archaeological and Environmental mission of the international project O.A.S.I.S. (Old Agricultural Sites and Irrigation Systems) Kharga Oasis – Western Desert, Egypt. National Geographic Waitt/Grant
2011-2012: Temporary research position on “Prescribed fire applications, for wildfire forecasting purposes
2010-2011: Temporary research position on “development and integration in GIS environment of land-use diachronic data in order to set new landscape spatial-based indices integrated with a DSS for the rural conservation, management and improvement”. Department of Agriculture, University of Naples Federico II, Italy. UE project LIFE “SOILCONS-WEB”.
2008-2009: Temporary research position on “GIS analysis of fire danger index and windy conditions”, Faculty of Agriculture, University of Naples Federico II, Italy
2007: Temporary research position on “GIS analysis of vegetation data and fuel loadings for the implementation of fire spreading models based on ‘cellular automata’ methods”, Faculty of Agriculture, University of Naples Federico II, Italy
2005 anc 2007: Lecturer of Gis Analysis – Master “Lanscape Management and Protection”
2005: Temporary research position on "Environmental and applied botany (scientific sector BIO/03) – spotting advanced cartographic procedures for wildfire risk parameterization", Faculty of Agriculture, University of Naples Federico II, Italy
2001-2005: Lecturer of Basic cartography and GIS, GIS Analysis – Advanced Course in “Landscape Analysis of Natural and Agricultural Resources” Faculty of Agriculture – University of Naples - Federico II
1998: Temporary research position on “Vegetation influences on landslide affecting the Village of Quindici (SA) – Italy” – University of Naples Federico II Department of Geophysics and Volcanology
Tutor (supporting teaching and organizational activities) of the Advanced course " Landscape Analysis of Natural and Agricultural Resources” " Faculty of Agriculture – University of Naples - Federico II

Selected publications
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